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Welcome to Taylor Sharpening & Knife Care, where we’re tailored for your needs. My name is Hayden and I started Taylor Sharpening & Knife Care because of my passion for knives & knife sharpening. I have been practicing my craft every day for over half a decade, honing my skills & polishing my technique.

I provide the best freehand sharpening for kitchen & chef’s knives at an affordable rate for your small business or personal budget. Plain edge or serrated, European or Japanese, symmetrical or asymmetrical, my service is tailored for your needs.

Are your knives chipped or missing tips? I can fix them using professional techniques and tools

The only game in town for sharpening folding knives! Fixed blades & pocket knives are my specialty and I sharpen your survival knives like your life depends on it! Whether you want an edge re-profiled, precision sharpened edge at any angle between 15 and 35 degree, or a premium mirror polished edge that’s scary sharp. I provide you with what you need at reasonable prices.

Outdoor & garden tools are all sharpened with premium hand and power tools.


You can find me at S&R Knives  every Saturdays 10am – 3pm Call to confirm.

680 Rexdale Blvd, Unit 16, Etobicoke, ON M9W-0b5. (416)-675-6464

on Facebook at @TaylorKnifeCare for updates

on Instagram at @taylorsharpening for great pics!

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